Say what you want, but fuck what you say.
Your hopes.Your dreams.Your everything.
"Thinking positive will always lead to a better outcome. A great example is by simply looking up, literally. Walk outside and look up. The sky is endless and filled with possibility. Now look down. No matter where you are, you will see an ending below. You decided whether or not to look up or down at every situation that occurs. Let unexpected incidents roll off you like raindrops dancing down your bedroom window.”
— Did I Ever Wake Up? (via gabisaurr)
"Inside my head sits a dresser. You know, the kind of dresser you keep clothes in with top, middle, and bottom drawers. Anytime a negative or undesired thought enters my head I immediately place it in the bottom drawer and slam it shut. Then, I open my top drawer and allow the thought erasing to begin. That’s where I keep all the things that can instantaneously make me happy. It’s like how a certain smell can trigger a memory, or how a song can magically bring you back to a certain place in time. We all have memories of past feelings that make us happy. The goal is to place these memories in your top drawer.
The moment I open up my top drawer vibrant colors explode into the air illuminating music notes, birds, paintings, palm trees, oceans, and many other beautiful sights I’ve captured while traveling the world. Within one second you can completely erase any negative thoughts by simply thinking about things that make you happy.”
— Did I Ever Wake Up? 

Book by Mod Sun (via sunshineaura)